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The price of our pups is $2,000 (two thousand dollars). Male or female, the price is the same. We are very reasonably priced compared to many other breeders.

All of our pups come with full unlimited AKC, as well as UKC registration, for the $2,000 price. Occassionally we may have a puppy in a litter who has a recognizable disqualifying fault according to the AKC/UKC breed standard. Pups with clear DQ faults are sold for a lesser price with limited registration status and on a contract requiring it be fixed by 7 months of age.

Note that any puppy purchased from us is sold first and foremost as a family companion. We expect our pups to be taken into the new owners home and loved and raised just as an adopted human child would be. Any intended purchasers of our pups need to know that we are concerned with the homes our pups are getting first and foremost, and want the most loving family possible. We will NEVER consider selling to anyone who wants to kennel the dog outdoors, put it in a garage or barn to live or keep it chained to a dog house in their yard. This is a family member, not a lawn ornament or a novelty. It is a living, breathing, feeling being that needs a caring family to give it daily love and interaction. We will settle for no less of a home.

We do not guarantee show quality (unless pup is sold on a separate contract to be shown), working ability or breed potential. There are too many variables out of our control to guarantee this. We can only make assessments of quality by the characteristics the dog shows at the time it leaves us as a puppy.

We DO guarantee the health of all of our pups for the first year of their life. Our guarantee covers the replacement of the originally purchased dog with another dog should the dog die from a proven genetic condition within the first year of it's life (documentation and reports from a specialist are required) or if the dog is found to be a true cripple where it cannot rise, stand and walk on it's own without constant human assistance. Issues caused from injuries, disease, enviromental factors once in the new owners possession are not covered.

Any other afflictions not life threatening or not severely crippling are not covered. With any living, breathing being, there are twists and turns in life, and the breeder cannot be responsible for, nor forsee any future issues, as enviroment, diet and the way a dog was raised, play a huge part in it's adult health, both physically and mentally.

Breakdown of purchase agreement and guarantee:

1) The kennel name of RED DOG RIDGE will be carried on all registration papers of this dog, and will not be changed, abbreviated or shortened in any way.
2)This dog will receive all appropriate veterinary care including vaccines, heartworm testing and prevention, as well as basic care such as regular bathing and nail trimming.
3)This dog will be fed a low protein (20% to 26%), low calcium and moderate fat adult dog food until at least 2 years of age to prevent undesirable growth traits and the incidence of Pano (canine growing pains).
4) All precautions to keep this dog out of harms way will taken. It will not ride in the bed of a truck without proper restraints and icy steps and walkways as well as wet flooring will be maintained to prevent a slip and fall accident which would injure the dogs growing skeleton.
5)This dog at no point may be re-sold, given away, leased, transferred or in any way placed in new ownership without the prior written consent of the breeder, as the breeder has first opportunity to re-claim the dog back, if so desired.
6) This dog is at no point to be surrendered to a rescue, animal auction, animal shelter, research facility, etc. Should this occur, any and all costs the breeder incurs in attempting to reclaim the dog will be charged to the purchaser stated on this contract.
7) Health guarantee is in no way transferable to anyone - it only applies to the dog as long as it resides solely with the original purchaser.
8) This dog is not to be used for fighting, guarding illegal institutions or for any purpose that is immoral or illegal. To do so will give legal right to the breeder to the repossess dog.
9) All our pups, whether the purchaser intends its purchase as a show dog, a breeding dog or just a pet, are sold by us as solely family companions and are expected to be maintained within the home as part of the family. No outdoor kennel or a dog house outdoors on a chain will be permitted for this dog as living quarters. All our pups are sold for the same price and come with full registration papers (unless the dog possesses a clear fault at the time of sale and it is duly noted on the contract at time of sale that this dog has limited papers and must be fixed). No dog is guaranteed to grow up to be a show dog or a breeding dog (with the exception of a pick of the litter sold on a show contract - a separate show contract would then accompany this maintenance contract). We do NOT guarantee morphology, the ability to breed, to produce a litter or be reproductively sound. This is too complicated of an area with so many variables that we make no promise of reproductive viability. The breeder can only make an assessment of quality of the dog on the day it leaves the breeders home as a puppy.
10) Deposits placed on an available puppy or a puppy from a planned upcoming breeding are non-refundable, unless we cannot provide you with a puppy at all. Backing out on the sale of a puppy gives the right to the breeder to retain the deposit as a nuisance fee. However, this deposit may be applied to a puppy from another litter, provided another pup is purchased within 12 months from the time the deposit was received by breeder.
11) The breeder cannot be responsible for any diseases, pathogens or parasites the dog may contract in its lifetime. This includes, but is not limited to: coccidia, worm infestations, giardia, parvo, distemper, kennel cough, leptospirosis and etc. It is the responsibility of the owner to keep the dog up to date on all shots and wormings to prevent illness or infestation. It is expected that the new owner avoid all public pet parks and pet stores, or any outings with their pup where disease may be a factor until after the pup has reached 20 weeks old and has received it's full series of puppy vaccinations. Until all shots are received, the pup is still susceptible and could become very ill if it contracted a pathogen.
12) The breeder is not responsible for any allergic reactions or any adverse affects caused from the administration of vaccines, medications, worming medications, food allergies, inhaled airborne allergies, skin allergies or skin afflictions or etc.
13) The new owner is required to have the pup microchipped by 6 months of age, with proof of such sent to breeder by the time the dog reaches 7 mos of age. To not meet this deadline will then nullify and void out any remaining health guarantee time on the dog past the age of 7 months.
14) The buyer is given 72 hours to have their dog seen by a licensed veterinarian, and examined for health and soundness. Should the vet find the dog to be in very poor health, possessing an affliction in which the dog cannot be treated for medically and deems the dog suffering from a severe genetic defect, the dog may be returned to the breeder for a full refund, provided a letter from the veterinarian is sent to the breeder, stating this grave ill health. Returning of dog to the breeder will give purchaser back the purchase price of dog, less the shipping charges. Purchaser is responsible for shipping charges to send dog back to breeder.
15) No refund or replacement will be given on any dog who is damaged in any way by vaccines, medications or etc. that may have been administered by the purchasers vet, or by the purchaser him or herself.
16) Within the first 72 hour period, should the purchaser decide they just don't like the dog or discover this is not the breed or right dog for him or her, the dog will be accepted back, but without a refund. Refunds given within the first 72 hours are only if the dog is found to have a severe genetic condition that is life threatening. It is the purchasers responsibility to assess their living situation, any family issues and etc, and have a plan devised for the care of this animal should a crisis arise. The buyer is expected to research the breed and be certain this is the breed for him or her PRIOR to purchase. The breeder cannot be responsible for the purchasers dis-satisfaction in a breed that was not researched well, nor proper forethought put into, before obtaining. It is the purchasers responsibility to transport and/or arrange for the return of any dog they no longer want, to the breeder.
17) Should weather conditions hinder or postpone shipment of the dog, the breeder agrees to exhaust all options in getting the dog shipped to the purchaser in a timely manner. The purchaser agrees to be patient and give the breeder ample time to get dog shipped out. Weather conditions are out of the breeders control, and therefore, there may be times when a puppy shipment must be postponed for a short period of time until the weather breaks and allows for safe and reliable shipment. This is to ensure the health and safety of your new puppy.
18) GUARANTEE ON YOUR DOG: Your dog is under a health warranty until it's first birthday. This guarantee will give you a replacement puppy of equal monetary value should the puppy you originally purchase be found to have a life threatening genetic physical condition (example: aortic stenosis or cardiomyopathy) or a condition in which the dog is totally crippled (severe crippling hip dysplasia), cannot walk at all and requires constant human assistance in order to rise and walk within it's first year of life. No cash refunds will be given.
19) Non life threatening conditions or afflictions not severely crippling are not subject to replacement. For hips, we guarantee a replacement dog for dogs who have very severe hip dysplasia who cannot rise or walk without constant owner assistance. Documentation of this in the form of OFA and/or Penn Hip reports stating the dog is 1.00 scored or OFA severe, along with a clear video, at least 3 minutes in length, in color, must be provided to the breeder, showing the inability for this dog to mobilize itself on itís own. A dog who is severely dysplastic but is still able to mobilize itself is not a candidate for replacement. Each dog is looked at on a case by case basis.

(An extended health guarantee may be purchased at an additional cost, and must be done at the time the pup is purchased.)

Replacements will not be given for dogs with reproductive issues or dogs who have conformation faults as these are not life threatening problems.

20) All life threatening afflictions must be presented to the breeder for a replacement dog in the form of an OFA report, a Penn Hip report or a signed, dated letter from a veterinary specialist practicing in the field of the affliction in question. This letter must be on their clinic letterhead, with a contact number listed.
21) A dog who is going to be replaced must be sexually altered immediately with proof sent to breeder, as well as all registration papers on the dog must also be returned to the breeder with proof of affliction as stated in #20. BOTH must be received by the dogs first birthday. No replacement will commence until this requirement is met.
22) The breeder is relinquished from any legal or monetary issues involved with this dog from the date the purchaser takes ownership. This includes, but is not limited to: legal or monetary issues involving the dogs actions (biting, destructive behavior, etc.), medical costs of any kind incurred for this dog or because of this dog, any wages, pay or any type of monetary potential lost (to owner or any other person or establishment) due to any issue of this dog, nor is the breeder responsible for any potential loss of money hoped to be made from this dog or the planned sale of it's puppies .
23) The breeder is only responsible for a replacement puppy if the originally purchased dog is found to meet the criteria for such a replacement and if all requirements stated in #21 are met.
24) If replacement requirements are met, the purchaser has one year maximum to claim the new puppy. Should the breeder offer a new puppy within that years time and the purchaser refuses for whatever reason, the breeder is no longer indebted to offer additional pups to the purchaser. Should the breeder not have anything available during that years time to offer the purchaser (as we are not a high volume breeder), the breeder will be allowed two additional years to find a suitable replacement dog.
25) What dog given as a replacement is the sole decision of the breeder. Purchaser may not have a choice of replacement puppy, however, a puppy of equal monetary value will be given.
26) Sex of replacement puppy may not be a choice, as the breeder will offer what is available during the stated time period in #24.
27) Size is not guaranteed, nor are any issues of the coat, any issues of bloat, conformation flaws or any abilities or potential intended or expected by owner in purchasing the dog.
28) Any dog needing to be replaced is not required to be given back to the breeder, however, the breeder will accept back any dog the owner no longer wishes to keep. Should an owner keep any defective dog, it is expected that the owner not prolong a painful, suffering existence, and would do the right thing by euthanizing the dog should this be an issue. Should a defective be able to be maintained through medical therapy and live a pain free life, this such treatment is expected to be maintained, and at any point if it can no longer be maintained, it is asked that the dog is euthanized in order to not prolong any suffering.
29) Should any dog expire, and the cause is claimed to be a genetic defect and a replacement dog is asked for, such dog is required to be made available by the breeders vet of choice for autopsy. Should the dog not be made available or has been disposed of in some manner and is then unavailable to the breeder, no replacement will be considered for any reason.
30) The breeder reserves the right to ask for a second opinion on any diagnosis on any dog (at breeders expense).
31) Under no circumstances will a replacement dog be given on any dog that is suspected to be abuse or neglected or in any way mistreated.
32) Should at any point there be an inability for the breeder and purchaser to come to an agreement regarding any portion stated in this contract, and litigation becomes necessary, let it be noted that any and all court hearings, proceedings and any legal issues pertaining to this dog and it's sale will take place within the county in which the breeder resides in the state of Michigan. The sale of this dog is stated to be within the state of Michigan, and therefore falls under the laws regulating such within the state of Michigan.



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