We began our love affair with the DDB back in 1994, with the introduction of our first 2 DDB's into
our home. It was love at first sight. Everything seemed to fall into place, as these dogues really fit our
Over the years we have greatly evolved our line and our image. Currently, we have more Champion
titled dogues than any other single DDB kennel in the USA.
We take showing, breeding & raising our DDB's VERY seriously. This is not only a love of ours and a
hobby, we feel that what we do now is a milestone that will directly affect the breed in many
generations to come. That's why we are so proactive in showing and health testing. Why not make
your dogues all they can be?

RED DOG RIDGE is situated on 20 acres of rolling, hilly, wooded land in rural Barry County, Michigan.
We raise all of our puppies INDOORS, in our living areas... in our living room and often times right in
our own bedroom! We spare no expense for our dogues and pups, be it financial, or in regard to love
and attention. We want to be certain we have produced a fine quality specimen of the breed for the
new owner to then care for and love for many years to come.
We personally feel that outdoor kennel raised pups often lack the emotional/mental human bond
needing to be instilled in them at a young age, and therefore we maintain and keep ALL of our
dogs/pups in our home and share every aspect of our lives with them.
Simply, there is no substitute to a home/hand raised puppy! Our children play an active role in caring
for the pups and adult dogues..... a very important role in the proper psychological development of
Mastiff breeds who are acclimated to children and grow to be trustworthy companions for the family.
All of our dogs, from puppyhood on, get lots of exercise; achieving great muscular development.
We offer pups for show, or for couch warming (LOL). Our dogs are excellent protectors and superior
Regardless of whether you are interested in buying a puppy, or are just interested in getting to know
more about the breed, we are happy to help.
One of our biggest goals is preventing people from getting a dog that they later discover does not fit
their lifestyle.
Therefore, we are willing to help anyone who would like our help, in ensuring they are well educated
on the breed before taking the plunge and aquiring a dog that they may learn later on was something
they were not ready for.

This is an awesome breed, but also one that comes with much responsibility.