If you are currently interested in owning a Dogue de Bordeaux or a South African
Boerboel, but cannot afford the price of a puppy, maybe adopting a retired adult breeding
dog might be for you?
As a show kennel, in order to keep our line going, continually having dogs of prime age
available to exhibit-breed is a must for us, and this often means that we must place
some of our retirees.
It is a hard thing for us to do... to place a dog that we have had for several years, but
this is part of the dilemma for those who are active in continually working to improve
the breed through producing generation after generation of dogs.

Our dogs are placed free of charge.
However, the new owner must cover the cost of the
dog to be spayed or neutered at our vet clinic prior to the dog leaving us. All dogs must
be sexually altered before they leave us. Spay or neuter costs are around $250.00.
This is about $100 less than what even rescues charges to adopt a rescue dog. Although
we advocate adoption through rescue, and do alot every year to help support rescue, we
realize that some folks are not prepared to take on the burden of behavioral problems or
health problems that some rescue dogs can often come with.
One benefit to adopting a retired breeding dog such as the ones we have available, is
that these dogs have grown up in our home, they were raised with our children, they are
house trained, crate trained and are well adjusted, as well have been health tested for
the most common afflictions in their breed, and passed. They do NOT have behavioral
problems, and have had the benefit of living in a multi-dog home and are used to other
If you may be interested in possibly owning one of our future retirees, please contact us
by email to let us know you would like to be placed on our list for adoption consideration.

We do not place our retirees with just anyone. We take all interest into
account, then we determine who can offer the best home for the dog, according to what
the personality is of the dog, and what the lifestyle of the potential new owner consists of.

Therefore, if you contact us regarding adoption, we will
NOT be able to give you an
answer right away. We will however, ask for your phone number so we may call you &
discuss the adoption process and determine if this is indeed the breed for you and your
family and if the dog available is a good fit for you and for the dog.